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AG Service

1302 AG

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1184-13 AG

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OTR Service

1100 OTR

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1184-14 OTR

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Large OTR Service

9000-RS OTR

9000 OTR

13500 OTR

17000 OTR

23000 OTR

28000 OTR

TM20165 OTR

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Stellar Large OTR Tire Service Trucks and Cranes

9000 Stellar 9000-RS OTR (Rack Side)
The Stellar 9000-RS OTR series, features a rugged, heavy-duty 15’ steel OTR service body with over 60 cubic feet of storage. The 9000-RS OTR is equipped with a model 9000 hydraulic knuckleboom crane, and optional TM4110 tire manipulator.
9000 Stellar 9000 OTR
The 9000 works exceptionally well on a Class 7 chassis to allow for greater payload. The 9000 OTR is equipped with a model 9000 hydraulic knuckleboom crane, and optional TM4110 tire manipulator.
9000 Stellar 13500 OTR
To meet the demanding requirements of service technicians, Stellar has created the 13500 OTR tire service truck. The 13500 OTR is equipped with a 135,000 ft-lb hydraulic knuckleboom crane, and optional TM6116 tire manipulator.
17000 Stellar 17000 OTR
The Stellar 17000 OTR series, was designed from the ground up to work in the OTR tire service industry. This crane features a lifting capacity of 17,000 lbs. at 10’ and 10,000 lbs. at 16’11" of total reach.
23000 Stellar 23000 OTR
Efficient. Effective. Tough. The 23000 OTR series is the one to turn to when you need a reliable and dependable service truck. Without the tire manipulator the crane has a maximum lift capacity of 23,000 lbs. @ 10'.
28000 Stellar 28000 OTR
The Stellar 28000 OTR series tire service crane fits the need of OTR tire service technicians who need something that can handle it all. Featureing a lifting capacity of 28,000 lbs. at 10’. The optional TM16160 tire manipulator offers 360 degree continuous rotating pads.
TM20165 Stellar TM20165 OTR
The Stellar® TM20165 OTR service truck fits the needs of tire service technicians who change the largest OTR tires. The TM20165 is the most powerful and capable truck-mounted tire manipulator available in the industry today. With a rated capacity of 20,000 lbs. the Stellar TM20165 is capable of handling the 59/80R63 tire and rim combination.




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