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Cable Hoists


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60,000-Pound Capacity Above Frame Mount Cable Hoist




Features and Benefits
Container Lengths AFM60-174 can accommodate containers with 18' to 22' lengths
AFM60-194 can accommodate containers from 18' to 24' in length.
Shipping weight AFM60-174OR weighs 7,123 lbs.
Lift and dump capacity 60,000 lbs lifting and dumping capacity. The capacity is determined by the hydraulic pressure setting.
Cable 7/8” cable diameter (6x37 EXIWRC) is standard.
Cable routing Cable is routed in a single direction of rotation. Cable routing does not switch directions from clockwise, to counter clockwise, then back to clockwise. The cable runs only in one direction.
Single reeving cylinder One 6.5” x 80” cylinder instead of two 7” x 80” cylinders that are used on current cable hoists today, therefore there are less seal kits to maintain. Sheave bushings and pins are greaseless. Bushings and grease zerks are installed in both rod-end pin bosses.
Reeving cylinder enclosure Reeving cylinder rod is always covered by structural enclosure, which decreases the potential to expose the cylinder to damaging debris.
Dump cylinders Two 6”x72.25” dump cylinders. Higher operating pressure allows for smaller cylinders, meaning greater payload each pull made. Bushings and grease zerks are installed in both pin bosses.
Hydraulic piston pump Piston pumps are more efficient, have longer life, handle higher operating pressure and pressure spikes better than gear pumps.
35-gallon bulkhead reservoir Buklhead reservior is standard.
Functional speed Hoist up = 30 seconds, hoist down = 11 seconds, cable in loaded = 30 seconds, cable out (unloading) = 30 seconds
Zinc plated pins Zinc plated steel pins are used in rear hinge, sheaves, and cylinders.
Bushings and grease zerks Bushings and grease zerks at installed at all pivot points.
Finish paint Two part polyurethane automotive finish paint.
Dump cylinder mounting Cylinders are mounted above and outside of frame rails. This offers easier access and greater stability when dumping.
Main frame end plates 1/2” high strength wear plates added to end of main frame tubes.
Warranty 36 months structural, 12 months parts and labor.


Hoist rated capacity 60,000 lbs.
Main frame 10" x 4" x 1/2" A500 C tubing
Front stop 1" plate
Container lock Automatic spring loaded
Lift cylinder shaft 2 - 1/2" zinc plated carbon steel
Rear hinge shaft 3" zinc plated carbon steel
Cable 7/8" (6 x 37 EXIWRC)
Cable sheaves Front 13.38" / Reaving 10"
Cable anchor 4 cable clamps
Cable end Steel casting
Container hold down Standard with rachet winches/straps
Lift Cylinders 6" x 72.25" D.A.
Reeving cylinders 6.5" x 80" D.A.
Direct mount pump Piston types 25 GPM @ 1500 RPM
Operating pressure 4500 PSI for 60,000 lbs.
Hydraulic valve 2 spool 25 GPM safety bypass
Hydraulic reservoir 25 gal. 10 micron filter & screen filter
Outside rollers 4" O.D. with bronze bearing
Inside rollers 6" O.D. hardened roller & pins
Pivot points Bushings and grease zerks
Safety stand Accessable each side
I.C.C. Bumper Folding, mounting lugs factory installed
Rear Bumper Pre-drilled




AFM60 Brochure

AFM60 Manual